January 1, 2007

Activities in progress in 2006

  1. Titanium Dioxide Powder Plant in Vietnam S.R. Elaborated Feasibility Study. Approval procedure -finished. Finalization of Investment project in Vietnam by IMM Institute and Ministry of Industry of Vietnam S.R-finished. Finalization of Financing program by CEB-finished. Fixation of Funds frame-finished. Project developing to next period-realization.
  2. UREA 46 Fertilizer program. Contract agreement with producing Factory. Banking procedures running. Contract for delivery to Vietnam for quantity 175.000 Mt opened.
  3. Ethanol producing Factory on Russian’s territory. Site selection-AZOV Port. Capacity selection-200.000 m³ product Ethanol per one year. Raw material-wheat. Financial model-in progress. Contracts procedures-running.
  4. New program. Hazardous waste liquidation station. Company Granex spol. s r.o. open direct activities to Serbia and Spain to present modern and efficient system to burn hazardous waste by High temperature and special technology. In principle we can present the system to clients who is interesting to support environment and make his country clean. Granex spol. s r.o. is ready and wiling help with financing solution.
  5. Ethanol project on Vietnam’s territory. Raw materials analyze. Producer’s capacity and quality analyze. Province’s site selection. In this moment approval process is not finished jet.
  6. Municipality waste separation and utilization’s plants Ukraine. Lvov’s Region project. Pilot project for Ukraine. Investment 98,9 mil. €. Program agreed by Region. Dead work as well as Financial analyzes. Technical solution in details. Developing project. Lugansk City project. Investment 70 mil. €. Technical and price contract signed. Financial procedure running. Program phase-bank analyze.