Who We Are?

Ořešská 742/165
CZ 155 00 Praha 5
Czech Republic

ID:  60 77 77 70
V.A.T. Number: CZ60777770
Share Capital: CZK 134,000,00

Main Activities

  • Trading Activities
  • Solution of the dispute of Outstanding debt and Liabilities, Czech and Slovak Republic, Austria, Germany, Poland, Switzerland
  • Technical and economical consultancy and advisory activities in the preparation and implementation of engineering project including environmental impact assessment and elaboration of Feasibility Study following International standard
  • Financial solution of International projects
  • International Cross Border Leasing Financing Advisory
  • International Cooperation for project on the territory of Ukraine, Russia, Vietnam, Kazakhstan

Company History

  • 1994
    Founded Company, cooperation with Maschinenhandel GmbH, Austria, Trading maschineries and producing line, technology, completing financial schema with Creditanstalt Bank Group Austria, financing project from West Countries to East Countries including Barter operations. Project PEGAS Znojmo, Czech Republic. Based material for Procter and Gamble. Financial schema for project including financing realization, US $ 40 mil US$.
  • 1995
    Company Activities increased and concentrated to collaboration with CREDITANSTALT Leasing, Cross Border Financing, Austria.
    Privatization’s project in Czech and Slovak Republic.
    Privatization’s project SEMGALL a,s. Chickens producing company. 200. mil CZK.
    Privatization’s project EGENBERG,a.s. Brewery’s production Company. 100 mil CZK.
    Privatization’s project HANAK,s.r.o. Kitchen’s technology and furniture. 50 mil CZK
  • 1995
    Many Leasing solution on the territory of Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Privatization’s projects.Ethanol producing Company, PORTA NOVA Stzetin, Poland. 110. mil US $.
  • 1996
    Trading operations, wood industry, selling wood’s produkt. Starting project. Three liners parquet floor. 314 mil CZK.ODK Ostrava,a.s. Czech republic. Escrow Bill of Exchange, 100 mil US $.
  • 1998
    Realization of wood producing final produkt. from factory. 30.000 square meters per month. 100% export to Germany.
    Project for VERTEX,a.s. Czech republic. Luht Filter’s technology for Environments.
  • 1999
    Project for SKLO PLAST TRNAVA,a.s. Slovakia. Luhr Filter’s technology for Environments.
  • 2000
    International Project DHAKA’s HOSPITAL, finacing to Bangladesh with BNP Paribas support. Oustanding Dept for Transporta Chrudim on tle teriitory of Austria, Germany and Swiss And others Oustanding Dept transactions.
  • 2002
    Opening activities on the Ukraine Territory, Municipality waste liquadation program and others project. Running project. Lvov’s Region project for Municipality waste liquidation and separation system for region. 90 mil €. Running project. Lugansk. Municipality waste liquidation project. 85 mil €. Stadium-Bank’s approval procedure. Activities for others Ukraine Cities.
  • 2003, 2004
    Opening activities on tle territory of Vietnam near’s colaboration wit company Antares AZV. Opening activities for Fertilizer’s project by VINACHEM Vietnam and others Chemical’s projects collaborations with CKD PRAHA DIZ,a.s. Project analyze including financial model and possibilities. Sulphate Ammonia producing plant.
  • 2005
    Cooperation with Hating Minerals and Trading Corporation.Vietnam S.R. Special chemical products. 130 mil US $. Elaborating Feasibility Study and Financial model with Czech Export Bank,a.s. Approval process for government. Running process.
  • 2006
    Starting project for Ethanol producing Factory with capacity 200.000 Mt per year. Russia, Czech, Sweden cooperating project. Stadium-contracts procedures. Investment 150 mil US $. Long term financing. Vietnam’s government project. Thermal electricity power plant. 2x600 MW. Vuang Ang. Hatinh Province-Vietnam. 1.4000 mil US $. Long term financing. Stadium-Feasibility Study and Investment procedure for government.